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Io is a student Journalist. They use they/them and ey/em pronouns. Ey aim to bring light to issues facing the LGBTQ+ community in the world today and discuss other Political problems within the UK. Eir blog is just the beginning for them, and they hope to grow and develop as a writer in the coming years.

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Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Ireland, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Some parts of Spain and Mexico, Uruguay, five provinces in Canada and 8 US States are the only places that support self-ID laws for transgender people. Only 4 of these places [Uruguay, Malta, the US states and Canadian provinces] support non-binary identities

Other countries with non-binary affirmative legislation include Argentina, Austria, Australia, the rest of Canada, Iceland, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand, and the US, and this usually comes in the form of an “X” option or “third” option on passports and driving licences.
Countries that criminalise trans people explicitly are Brunei, the Gambia, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malawi (which can lead to corporal punishment), Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, South Sudan, Tonga, and the United Arab Emirates.

It means that in 4 countries, non-binary people can legally be themselves without question and will be affirmed but not recognised fully in 11. However, those 11 include the majority of the two countries on the first list. In 13 countries, they could be put in prison for being trans and potentially put to death in one of those.

It leaves 169 countries that will not imprison non-binary people for their identity, but they will not receive affirmation in any official documentation. One hundred sixty-nine countries refuse to let them be who they are. 4 of those countries make up the United Kingdom. My home. Somewhere that continues to refuse to accept me for who I am, with a government that scrapped the Self-ID reform to the GRA in 2019 proposed by Theresa May. Despite a 70% support rate from their voters, a government whose main opposition refuses to recognise and integrate a person’s gender identity fully.

The question I always pose the government is, “whilst you continue to resist a public push in favour of self-id laws for trans people, children die. Are conservative values a good enough excuse to avoid the most effective way to prevent the suicide of a child?” – Io Cutmore

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