Super Straight – Let's talk about Transphobia in 2021

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The “Super Straight” trend that has emerged on social media, which defines a new “sexuality” where heterosexual men only date cisgender women, has sparked controversy and debate. The trend’s roots lie in transphobia, perpetuated by media representation, and it has since been adopted by neo-Nazi groups to create division within the LGBTQ+ community. Despite some viewing it as a preference, the trend is being described as a new way of oppressing transgender people, with its followers using slurs, objectifying women, and engaging in cyberbullying. Allies are urged to be informed about Super Straight and combat their followers while avoiding engaging with them.

Is this a new way to be transphobic or just a harmless way cisgender heterosexual men can feel like they’re opressed too? I dived into the dumpster fire of 4Chan to find out.


If you have access to an internet connection you have likely heard about this new trend sweeping the ranks of heterosexual men all over the western world. To be Super Straight is, according to a TikTok spokesman, a “new sexuality” that allows men to say with pride that they would not date a transgender woman, purely on the basis that she is transgender. They claim it is a new way to define their preference not to date anyone who has at any point had a penis because that would bring their heterosexuality into question. Now before I move forward, I need to put a trigger warning in place. In this document, I will include screenshots direct from 4Chan that include slurs such as the f-slur (referring to gay people), t-slur (referring to transgender people) as well as Nazi imagery. If any of this may affect you, I strongly recommend clicking off this blog and referring to my Instagram or Twitter where you can DM me and I’ll send a summary of the article edited to be less triggering. There may also be references to sexual assault, INCELS and the objectification of women. This is an article meant to inform to equip allies with the correct information to appropriately combat any Super Straight individuals who may harras them, this is not in any way a call to seek out people to change their mind, by all means, do your best to avoid engaging with any Super Straight individuals, because they have a Discord server where they out “superphones” to send cyberbullies towards those they see as the enemy.

The roots of the movement

Transphobia has been around for generations. It is a common theme in the media to mock the disclosure of someone’s trans identity in the case of intimate relationships, painting it as something to be disgusted by. You can see this in films such as Ace Ventura where there is a 2-minute sequence of Carrey’s character being physically sick after being intimate with a trans woman. The idea that no matter how attractive a man may have found a woman, finding out that she was born male is one of the most disgusting things has been perpetuated by media and can be pointed out as early as some of the first moving pictures we have on record. 

In that sense Super Straight is nothing new because all this identity aims to point out is that this behaviour by straight men is justifiable through the concept of preference – and therefore because the LGBTQ+ community put labels to their “preferences”, so can cisgender heterosexual men.

I decided to trace this movement to its source which, like most cishet men’s victim complex, can be found on 4Chan, a website where pornography addicts, weebs and neo-nazis can co-exist in a cess-pit of ignorance and hate for anyone outside their tight nit hive of sweaty basement residing conservatives and dangerous skin headed thugs. This way I could read their own definition of “Super Straight” for myself, so I wasn’t getting it misconstrued by the overwhelmingly left-wing media I consume. So, here’s the Super Straight definition direct from the source:

So as we can clearly see, this idea of Super Straightness is rooted in an overwhelming sense of heterosexual superiority, not mere preference. They see cisgender heterosexuality as superior to all other forms of sexual and romantic attraction and equal to “preference”, not real identity – which is why they can say that their “preference” is equal to that of the LGBTQ+ community – despite sexual and romantic identities existing not as a preference but as who we are.

Reducing the sexualities in the LGBTQ+ community to preference is to say that being gay and liking men is equal to a heterosexual man liking women with brown hair – which it is not.


It may seem a tenuous link to state that the ideas of cishet superiority are suspiciously similar to the views of the Nazis, but that line of thought may not be as fabricated as it first may seem. The first instance of the Super Straight identity was posted on 4Chan 05/03/21 (the post has since been removed), posted by an anonymous user and it stated:

This was posted under a Neo-Nazi threat and it describes how that group intended to use impressionable kids on TikTok to create new a sexuality to push Nazi propaganda into the limelight and divide and conquer the transgender movement by separating them from the LGBTQ+ community. These Nazis want the propaganda around transgender people to get so bad that their own community will no longer accept them and they can drive transgender people into social extinction. It sadly appears their plan is working.

Super Straight is setting up to be the most successful Nazi movement in the Western World since 1933.

TikTok has platformed this Nazi movement and allowed it to spread exponentially all over the world and, as more and more cishet men decide they are super straight, the more work the trans community has done since ’69 gets reversed along with the progression we’ve made as a society.

Not only did this movement start in Neo-Nazi circles, it (for a time) adopted Nazi imagery, until the point that it was bad for publicity. They adopted the logo of Hitler’s Secret Police – the SS – on one of their original flags. More recently, their flag is just symbolised by the combination of black and orange, because most people wouldn’t adopt blatant Nazi imagery.

The Super Straight Flag

What we need to do

Instead of focusing on people who have already been indoctrinated, we need to spread this information to as many people as possible. Even if we remove the transphobic aspect of Super Straight, this is still part of one big Nazi Propoganda Machine in the 21st Century and the more people we can get to understand that the better. We need to educate people who are most vulnerable to this type of propaganda so they too are prepared to combat new-wave Nazism in our modern world. The reason we need to focus on those who haven’t yet encountered it is to ensure that the Nazis don’t get to them rather than spending time on those who won’t accept the Nazi routs of this identity.

There is nothing wrong with having a preference and I have nothing against straight men not wanting to date transgender people, although I cannot speak for trans women, however trying to define this way of thought in the way those who are Super Straight aim to do is from its routs attempting to push transgender people to the fringes of society, and that is why it is transphobic. This has no place in our world and we mustn’t let it take hold as it so perversely wants to.

A Note from the Author

To write this article, I went on to sites like 4Chan to access the information required to properly argue against the concept of a “Super Straight”. I won’t lie, I have taken the tamest screenshots I can to include here, some of the things I have read have made me sick to my stomach. From the constant use of slurs to planning hate crimes and murders. I strongly recommend that no one goes onto these spaces at all regardless of whether you think you can change people’s minds. Please. This movement is dangerous and aims to popularise hate crimes of violence against transgender people and it will be better for you that you don’t expose yourself to what these people are saying.

I haven’t cited any sources on this document because I don’t want to encourage or platform any of the people I have talked about here. That’s why I’ve included screenshots. I will have to ask you as a reader to go to my other blogs and see that I always cite my sources and the only reason I haven’t here is for your best interest. I hope this has helped educate you on the latest threat to trans rights. Please share this blog to get it to as many people as possible. This movement is too dangerous to just let happen.

If you don’t share it, thank you for reading anyway.


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