Happy Trans Day of Visibility

If you're not angry, you're not paying attention

Unless you’re trans

For the past four years, the Conservative Party has been discussing whether or not to ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ people. Today it was revealed that the reason it has taken so long is evidently the existence of transgender people.

On Thursday, Boris Johnson and his party declared that they would not ban conversion therapy, and everyone went up in arms. The anger and disgust were so evident that they U-Turned. The Conservative Party, which has claimed not to be transphobic, has announced that they will ban conversion therapy for LGB people but not for trans people on 2022’s trans day of visibility!

Patrick Corrigan from Amnesty International UK, who attended 10 Downing Street’s reception for Pride 2021, said:

“So-called conversion therapy can constitute torture or cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment – it has no place in our society.

“We are urging Ministers to introduce a blanket ban on conversion therapy without delay, a ban we want to see replicated in all parts of the UK.

“‘Praying the gay away’ is just as unacceptable as any other pseudoscientific approach which tells LGBTI+ people they are ‘sick’ and ‘broken’.

“It’s time to stamp out this hideous practice once and for all.”

Despite this, Prime Minister Johnson has allowed his party to ignore the rights and needs of trans people yet again and only ban conversion therapy for our Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual siblings.

No argument will convince me or any other trans person that the Tories aren’t transphobic. They have ignored our pleas to legally recognise non-binary genders, they have delayed medical access to gender transition treatments, they have thrown money at our problems time and time again, and now they have decided that we are the only part of the LGBTQ+ community that deserves to be tortured by people who think we are broken.

You should be angry about this.


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